There are times when life can seem overwhelming and difficult to cope with.

At these moments we all need support and counselling can give you the time and space to explore difficult issues and find new ways of being.

So whether it’s a specific event or ongoing difficulty such as anxiety, depression, trauma, fear or anger that you want to confront, counselling can allow you to take back control and move forward with your life.

Attending counselling is about your well-being, self exploration and self development as well as learning new strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with difficult and complex events in your life and changes you wish to make.

My role is to be alongside you as you encounter current issues, past pain, as you learn more about yourself, your relationships and develop the courage and skills to make positive changes and empowering decisions.

I believe we all have the ability to realise our potential and live a life full of rich abundance. Together we can uncover this potential and discover who you can be.

This first step in finding the right counsellor for you is important and can be difficult. I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute initial meeting and consultation. Here we can meet to explore whether I am the counsellor you are looking for and what you want from me and our time together. Should you wish to work with me, I offer both short and long term counselling.


email: yarrowcounselling@gmail.com
Tel:  07813 754291